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My fibromyalgia and the crazy symptoms…..

As we start the new year, i felt like sharing some of my latest symptoms that i have been struggling with. While researching on the internet i found this pin on the 19 invisible fibromyalgia symptoms. I have gone through some of the same and will be sharing in bits and pieces.

Anxiety , depression & Fibro fog

This actually started even without me knowing as its not something to be detected easily. I first started to forget stuff both in my personal and work life.

Unknowed to me this started to affect everything around me. Once it was pointed out to me it took me a while to piece together what was happening to me. With all the stigma one faces with this i was a bit hesitant before i sought help.

In this new year 2019 am hoping to work on this and hope this gets to decrease and have me back to my normal self ( if there is such a thing with fibromyalgia).

I’m trying all my best to learn how to manage any stress that comes my way and to avoid taking on too much as this leads to depression once you notice you cannot manage everything and deem yourself a failure.

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My Up and Down journey with fibromyalgia- No. of days unknown

Yesterday I was busy feeling and talking proudly about the strides I’ve made with fibromyalgia feeling very good about this at the same time.

Push forward to today morning, it was hard getting up and going to work but I perserveared. My body joints would move but I would still feel some joints in pain, however I pushed on. Through out the day I assumed the pain would go away. Come 4pm, my legs from the knees down went cold. I had to look for a heater and remove even my socks to even allow heat to get through.
Now am home soaking my legs in a big bucket of hot water, apple cider vinegar and bi-carbonate of soda to try and see if I cab sleep and wake up much better.

Hoping and praying that this works.

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Of long weekends and some pain

On weekends like this past one, I’ve been under lock and key at my place. I needed to recharge and rest and also relax. Hot water bottle helps and for me reading novels has aided even more.

When it rains I shiver and add more blankets to my bed. I think I need to add another hot water bottle to keep me warm now that the cold season is approaching.

Reason why I needed alot of rest was because on Thursday I decided I can attempt to begin some exercises at home. I tried one of the simplest ones but I eventually ended up with a left arm aching and needing alot of care over the weekend.

Anyways all has been well so far. Am praying that the coming week treats me well. Goodnight and have a blessed week ahead.

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Travelling to cold locations with fibromyalgia 

For the most part of my life I have been living in cold areas. Even while I had originally diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis the term cold or cold weather always puts more than fear in me. I am one person who would rather carry 4 bags each with a coat/jacket to keep me from even feeling any cold.

This has always resulted in me getting teased alot by my family and friends. But what no one understands is that I would rather get sick from being too warm than cold. The numerous times I have let my guard down or throw caution to the wind I have ended up paying dearly. From feeling cold all the way to the insides of my bones and not being able to do much to keep or gain warmth to not being able to wake up with no muscle pain or joint inflammation these are but a few of the extremes for me.
Now this weekend (..rather now..) am headed to a Eldoret where temperatures get to lows of 13°C and zero to no sunlight.  I’ll only be there for two nights yet I’ve packed like am going over for a week. I’d say it’s my weakness bt it’s just me being prepared and scared of the Cold..
Praying for the best
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Neck and shoulder pains #Fibromyalgia

For the last one week, I’ve had a stiff neck, and sore shoulders and arms. I have tried applying everything that could help with muscle or joint inflammation but nothing. I even went to hydrotherapy and did some physiotherapy on my neck but nothing. 😭😭😭😭😭

All I can say is that I really thank God that it’s a four day weekend. Hoping tomorrow and the coming week will help reduce my soreness, pain and lack of sleep.

I’ll try to work tomorrow and also rest. Hopefully this helps.FB_IMG_1522154074541

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Early this week I decided that I needed to finally attend my prescribed hydrotherapy sessions. I therefore went ahead and booked for an appointment which took place last evening.

For me swimming has always been fun but I have been avoiding it for a while. First, because of the cold water and later on how tired and stiff I feel afterwards.

However, yesterday evening I got to relax albeit doing exercises in hot water. This is the most relaxing thing I have ever done. Living in a house that lacks a bathtub aided me to appreciate the mere benefits of hot water exercises. I got to do exercises I’d never have imagined my body would be capable of.


I enjoyed every second of this new experience. I had attempted once last year due to extra sore muscles but never went back due to unavoidable circumstances.

Today morning I’ve woken up minus sore muscle. There was a leg that still was bringing issues but I hope to continue with this treatment that makes me happy and so relaxed. I think the last time I was this relaxed was when I was a baby.


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When over thinking turns to pain


Ever since my fibromyalgia diagnosis, I try to remain positive and stress free. But this has become an enormous task. Reason being, am an over thinker, perfectionist and did I mention I talk to myself.

I try at the end of my day to keep my chin up and a positive attitude as I end up looking back at everything I’ve done the whole day and what impact I’ve brought on. Having a new job and trying being an overachiever doesn’t even in the least help my quest to being positive.


The pain comes all at once and I thank God for my meds as am able to sleep but come morning, getting out of the bed becomes a big task needing Herculean strength.

images (2)

I am not complaining am just saying, I wish I had a way of reducing my overthinking in order to reduce my pain, but I can’t shut my brain.